Option Four: Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue

(Group: Molly Iles, Dan Bagwell, Katie Willis, DuBose Ratchford)

The People:

  • Elderly
  • Animal lovers
  • Families with children
  • Other pet rescue groups
  • Similar organizations or philanthropies
  • Pet stores


  • More adoptions and financial contributions


  • Manipulate emotions by testimonials about adoption
  • Polls on Facebook about what to name the animals
  • Find out how/why other people have adopted pets and have them share below via the listed technologies and social media venues.
  • Create Facebook groups to connect the demographics with others who share the same interests and passions.
  • Content links to studies about animal misbehavior to provide further background information regarding common misconceptions about adopting from shelters
  • What have people gained from adopting a pet, etc.
  • Special/seasonal events and fundraisers (e.g. Howl-o-ween)


  • Facebook page and group
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blog (e.g. WordPress)


  • Who will carry out the plan? We are responsible to the organization for clear communication about implementing social media strategies. Both the team and the organization need to work together for ideas, implementation, and strategies.
  • The client’s relationship with its people will be better because with the implementation of social media outlets, our client will now be able to reconnect on a broader spectrum with potential pet owners in a personable and up to date manner.
  • The effectiveness will be measured by an increase in adoptions and financial donations by x%

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