In-Class Activity for February 14

Choose one of the following small businesses or nonprofits and use the four-step planning process described in Groundswell (starting with Chapter 4) to develop an outline for a social media plan that’s built on at least 3 social platforms or activities. You can also incorporate what you learned from David Griner’s talk last week.

Your team’s outline should cover all four steps. You’ll need to describe how you’ve identified your “people” (who will you target with your plan). Obviously, without time to research these hypotheticals, you’ll have to make assumptions, but explain how you reached these assumptions.

What are your objectives? Focus on how your strategy and technology platforms will achieve the primary and secondary objectives. For this exercise, assume that buy-in isn’t a problem because the business owner (executive director of nonprofit) is the one who has hired you.

The plan should focus on one of the primary objectives identified in Groundswell, but multiple objectives are OK.

Be sure to cover:

  • Types (and examples of) content you’ll share via the social networks and platforms you identify as key avenues for engaging
  • Who is responsible for carrying out the plan?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of your plan as it is put into motion?

No written report. Just an outline (with bullet details) posted to the blog and 10 minute presentation to class.

Report back to UCA 109 at 3:45 p.m. today for the presentations.

Option 1

Easy Green Landscaping & Lawn Care: We provide residential landscaping and lawn care services.

  • Goal: Add 10 new accounts and renew 90% of previous year’s accounts.

Option 2

Smith’s Pharmacy: Your Independent home-town pharmacy.

One location, owned by one pharmacist who employs his daughter as a second licensed-pharmacist.

  • Goal: Build better relationship with existing customers, increase sales, promote health, wellness. Long-term goal is to add a second location and add two more staff pharmacists.

Option 3

Healthy Meals for Healthy Families: A licensed nutritionist who provides in-home nutritional consulting for busy families on a one-time or continuing basis.

  • Goal: More clients, especially clients who want ongoing consultations.

Option 4

Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue: A nonprofit animal shelter that takes in homeless animals, adopts when possible and participates in a “shelter partners” program with shelters in New England (Alabama dogs/cats are transported to shelters in New England, where there isn’t an over-population of abandoned/unwanted dogs and cats).

  • Goal: More adoptions and financial contributions to help transport more animals to New England for adoptions

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