Healthy Meals for Healthy Families

By Anna Cox, Erin Shaw, Tully Taylor, Jennifer Taylor


Target Audience: Families, particularly moms who want their families to have healthy meals despite a busy schedule.


Healthy Meals for Healthy Families wants clients who will commit to ongoing consultations. Through the use of social media, they can establish a following to build a client base and form relationships with those clients.


  • At least 3 weekly blog posts: Tips and benefits of certain foods and ingredients, lifestyle tips, recipes, client spotlights: stories of how they’ve enjoyed Healthy Meals for Healthy Families
  • Pinterest: post photos to link to her blog and to other healthy recipe sites
  • Facebook: getting her friends to follow and share, generate conversation to get to know her audience with questions, surveys, etc.
  • Twitter: Tweet questions and other conversation starters, blog post links, healthy lifestyle tips, re-tweets of other healthy lifestyle information


  • Blog
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Who is responsible for carrying out the plan:

  • If the nutritionist is capable of handling the social media platforms, she can manage it herself. She is her own brand, so she will be able to best relate her message to her clients.
  • If she is not capable of handling social media, she should hire someone to do it for her.

How to measure effectiveness:

  • Percentage of increase of clients from social media- new clients indicate how they heard about Healthy Meals, occasional Twitter/Facebook promotional discounts

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