Griner Nuggets

David Griner spoke to the class and unloaded a wealth of knowledge about all things social media. What follows are the main points I took from his enthusiastic discussion.

  • Strategy is a vision for what the customer wants out of social media and must continually evolve to meet goals. While planning involves figuring out content, detailed scheduling, realistic goals and benchmarks, opportunity to optimize and improve. Most organizations fail to install goals and instead post what is popular at the moment, which ultimately does not yield good results.
  • Understanding an organization’s audience is vital for social media to succeed. Organizations need to ask a series of questions to fully appreciate and communicate successfully with followers. You have to know why they are on present. Where they came from. How much they know about you. When they are most active. And what motivates them to engage with your social media. You have to create different personas to reach the different groups within your audience. Listen to follower feedback and adapt.
  • Social media requires the upmost flexibility. The social media world is constantly evolving, adding new channels and making others obsolete. Your social media plan must account for changes and you must be willing and able to be flexible in finding out new ways to reach your audience. It’s all about creating new opportunities.
  • Posts need to have unique content. They must be regulated to some extent. Have it reviewed and ideas drafted months in advance. Posts must reflect the corporate culture and brand voice. Social media should have the same tone used in other areas of the organization, like ads. Also, posts should carry a more casual tone while still reflecting what the company wants to transmit.

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