David Griner speaks to social media class

In class on Thursday, David Griner from Luckie and Company spoke about the increasing importance of social media in public relations and advertising. Below are a few important takeaways from his lecture:

  • Effective social media requires a good strategy and good planning. Strategy provides vision, systems and processes, accountability, and room for growth. Planning provides relevant content, a schedule, goals, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Using an online editing programs, such as GoogleDocs, is extremely helpful. GoogleDocs can be easily shared with real-time editing and collaboration with several users.
  • For businesses, Facebook and Twitter posts are most effective on weekends, and businesses should be posting at least twice a day.
  • Social media requires constant evolution. Facebook and Twitter are always changing the way they share content.
  • Successful social media content isn’t about tricks and tactics. It starts with knowing your audience and constantly adapting to their feedback.
  • When you find content that works, build on it. We all learn from our failures, but its even more important to learn from our successes.



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