Hotels, social media & ROI

Very good post here about the challenges of calculating social media ROI within the hotel industry.

The takeaways, though, are useful regardless of the industry.

Here’s an excerpt from the section on using social engagement to convert “likes” into action:

The real power of your Social Network is not in your first degree of followers, friends or likes but it is second and third degree. It is like throw a big stone in the water; your first degree is like a big splash in the water, your second degree is the waves created from the splash and your third degree is what happens when the water arrives ashore.

So growth of your Social Network is not all about the numbers, it more to identify Champion Advocates with a strong network. Then find unique ways to engage with them.



One thought on “Hotels, social media & ROI”

  1. Hi Sheree.

    Thanks a lot for the very kind mention of my article.

    Let me know if I can serve you.

    I am the chef here in our house so might need some tips on healthy food choices. The food here in the deep South is so good that is hard for a European to say no.

    Working here with 4 horses that me and my wife has taken in from our friends at Have a Hearth Horse Rescue. Really enjoy our horses.

    Take care.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

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