Luckie Strike

Photo via Luckie&Co.

It’s awesome to have Luckie & Co in the neighborhood, but it was even better to have David Griner, Social Media Strategist for Luckie, in class last week. Luckie is a company whose core purpose is to create ideas, so David really showed a unique perspective on how to stay creative with social media. Some of the biggest things to take away:

  • You have to be strategic in what you put out via social media. You have to have accountability, room for growth, and a consistent vision. Social media is a part of an Integrated Marketing Communications plan, and likewise, it should be representative of the brand as a whole and stay true to the other marketing channels for the company.
  • You have to plan in order to be successful. You have to be deliberate with how you use social media. Planning allows you to stay on track with your strategy.
  • Don’t just send out messages to the community. Interact with your followers/friends. Have a conversation, don’t just bombard people with advertisements and messages. That is meaningless and will become white noise.

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