Griner Nuggets

Hearing from David Griner from Luckie & Co this week was extremely exciting and interesting. There were so many awesome bits of information to digest but here are just a few of my favorite “nuggets”:

1. Match your tone, meaning that your social media tone (aka how you’re saying it) should match and mesh well with your other channels and forms of communication, like ads and corporate signage. By doing this you will be able to have cohesiveness that will add to the value of your brand and the messages that you send your target market.

2. Social media is casual! But kids, don’t go crazy with this one. Social media is definitely a more relaxed form of communication and this is OK as long as the “casual-ness” doesn’t affect the overall image of the company. A hyper formal company with someone tweeting like they are talking to their college buddies will not bode well for a unified clear company image. So just be careful about the approach you take when posting on others behalf.

3. Engage the audience, don’t bark at them. The whole point of social media is that it makes relating and connecting with your target audience so much more relaxed and easy. So when you try and push content at people they are probably not going to receive or even notice it! Connecting via social media should not seem contrived. It may have been a lot of hard work to think of a clever post but it should appear just as effortless as your audiences posts. You should know your audience and constantly adapt to their feedback. Because if you “listen” close enough, you will hear what they want and that will make engaging them properly and effectively so much easier.


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