“Nuggets” from David Griner

Yesterday, David Griner, the Director of Digital Content for Luckie & Co., talked to our social media class about the essentials of social media content, tips for the hournalism job market, and much more. Here are a few of the “nuggets” of inspiration I took away from his lecture:

-There is a difference between social media strategy and social media planning. Strategies  are necessary for technicalities, but the real meat of the digital content comes from the social media plan. He took it a step further and broke down the steps of what exactly goes into a plan and how we, as soon-to-be-professionals, could create a plan that could potentially get us hired.

-Those who work in journalism and/or social media must be flexible and willing to adapt on the fly. The vessels and technologies we use (facebook, twitter etc.)  change daily and without our consent; you can’t let it get you down. There are always new opportunities to grow and learn.

-A key to social media marketing is content not merely based on marketing goals, but rather the audience. It is crucial to know and understand your audience in order to create content that is new, fresh, and appealing to them. Data can always improve content, but it should not be the only piece of research for it. Knowing your audience is not a one-time thing; it requires constantly adapting to and reevaluating  their feedback.

-Be certain that you learn to talk to your audience as human beings. Modern PR professionals and advertising execs are shockingly terrified of this; they’re experts at talking at people but not to them.

-Stay motivated. Stay curious. Stay excited. In any job, you will have days where you’re sick to death of doing something, but this little “nugget” will help remind you why you got into your field in the first place.




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