David Griner

Here are some tidbits I took away from David’s lecture:

  • People coming out of college are held to an extremely high standard with social media. It’s likely that you’ll be in a social media position where you’ll be in over your head, but that’s ok to admit to your supervisor. However, be prepared and know how to effectively use social media in business.
  • A lot of times, social media is viewed as its own entity. This should not be the case. Social media is always part of a larger whole, and it should not be separate from other digital content.
  • Strategy and planning are two very important concepts for good social media. In a nutshell, strategy gives you a long-term, consistent vision, and planning allows you to execute that vision, adjusting as you see fit from day-to-day.
  • On Facebook, comments are 14 times more valuable than likes.
  • Avoid the urge to replicate what’s already worked for you or for someone else. Improve, evolve, and experiment to create original content.
  • Above all, remain enthusiastic about social media, and don’t get burnt out. Stay motivated. Stay excited. Stay curious.

Check out David’s article on app usage statistics during Super Bowl commercials: http://www.thesocialpath.com/2012/02/super-bowl-tv-app-opens.html



One thought on “David Griner”

  1. Thanks for your time yesterday, Jennifer, and that’s a great wrapup of the key points I’d hoped to make.

    I did mis-speak a bit on the comments vs. Likes. The study I was referencing found that Facebook Comments yield 14.6 clicks each, while Likes yield only 3.1 clicks. So by that math, Comments are actually 4 times more effective at generating engagement on Facebook.

    Here’s a link to read more:

    Thanks again,
    David Griner.

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