David Griner Lecture

David Griner spoke to our social media class today and here are some things I learned from his talk:

  • Most organizations, like most people, have no plan for what they’re going to post in social media
  • Take stock of what content you already have
  • If you’re working from a non-shared document, make sure it’s clear who “owns” the official version and where it lives
  • Each organization’s content is unique due to a combination of factors: Nature of the organization, regulation, corporate culture and brand voice
  • Social media should match the tone used elsewhere, from ads to signage
  • Social is a casual medium, and it’s ok to be a bit more relaxed in tone, but it should never feel out of step with the rest of the company
  • Content managers must always be flexible and willing to adapt on the fly
  • Successful content starts with knowing your audience and constantly adapting to their feedback
  • Consumers want from Facebook pages: 1.) Free stuff 2.) Discounts 3.) Exclusives
  • We all learn from our failures, but it’s even more important we learn from our successes.

Social media isn’t simply just posting content. It’s about posting content with the idea that you can get your demographics and customers engaged in your content, whether it be through a “Like” on Facebook or a “Retweet” on Twitter. Tones in social media need to be consistent. Social media is always changing, so those who are working the business need to be flexible and adapt.



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