Branding Through Content Marketing

New infographic and great post on “Why Content Marketing is the New Branding” via

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding - Infographic
Click here for the full-sized infographic.
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

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About Sheree

I am a lawyer and assistant professor of journalism and mass communication. My interests include: running, hiking, music, cooking, reading, animals, classic movies and TV, and Internet media. I support local foods, locally-owned businesses and sustainable agricultural practices whenever possible. We create the society and culture we want to live in by the choices we make every day. We shape our world through the products we choose to purchase, the foods we choose to eat, the way we treat other people, the way we treat creation, and the way we spend our time. And in these choices we are constantly re-creating our own self.

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